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descarga GRATUITA una sesion que funciona muy bien…tranquiliat para un domingo AM Tracklist

- intro
- Underground Sound Of Lisbon “So Get Up” (Danny Tenaglia acapella) [Tribal America / vinyl]
- Manik (NYC) “These Days” [Culprit]
- Manmade Science “Get Your Head Up” (Soulphiction Dub) [Philpot]
- Robert Strauss “Level 52” (Henrik Schwarz Remix)/FG live edit [Yoruba]
- &ME “Everless” [Keinemusik]
- tINI “Blond Galipette” (Martin Buttrich Remix) [Desolat]
- Steve Bug & Mr V “The Long Run” (Steve Bug’s Vocal Mix) [Dessous]
- Mike Huckaby “Melodies From The Jazz Republic” [Still Music]
- Behrouz “Feeling Good” [Monique Musique]
- Todd Bodine, Ilario Alicante “Modern Apocalypse” [Cocoon]
- Fabio Genito “Burning Man” (Black Rock City Moods) [gotsoul]

Live Recorded and Mixed by Fabio Genito at Arakne Lounge (Mediterraneo/Italy) on 6/12/12
Ps : live your life to the fullest, go outside, have a blast, BE POSITIVE, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE and f*ck the rest!

P+C 2012 fabiogenito/arakne/valenostrum
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libre descarga „„me encanta.


Run and Pablo Delgardo in Lower Clapton ( London )

We found ourselves passing through Lower Clapton the other day and came across this mural we had not seen before. The wall had been painted by Italian artists RUN, who has previous painted this spot just of Lower Clapton Road. The artist has been extremely active in this part of London with a number of murals featuring his work still to be found around the Clapton area in East London, some of which we have previously featured on the blog here, here and here. This latest addition to the neighbourhood is a collaborative mural and also features the work Mexican artist Pablo Delgado.

Later this month will see RUN take over the downstairs space of Hang-Up Gallery on the 21st March, creating for them the gallery’s first Street Art installation. This will be followed by RUN’s solo show at the gallery which is planned for June 2014. Stay tuned for more info.

littlelimpstiff14u2 :

CG tiempo con Oleg Shekhovtsov


Kate MacDowell  Amazing Porcelain Sculptures

Through her porcelain sculptures, artist Kate MacDowell explores our romantic notions towards the environment alongside the human propensity for destruction. Her pieces are responses to the damage we inflict upon our habitats including climate change, genetic modification of organisms, and pollution. Human figures and animals act as symbols of the natural world, humorously and sometimes disturbingly transformed into new creatures that share qualities across the boundary of species. Hand crafted and exceptionally detailed, her work is a traditional medium that takes on contemporary significance in an age of ecological degradation.

Kate MacDowell and her ghostly sculptures are beautiful and somewhat haunting examinations of the human relationship with nature. Each piece is molded by hand and then hollowed. Choosing porcelain for its pallor, luminosity, and ability to show texture, it also allows her to represent “fragility of natural forms in a dying ecosystem, while paradoxically, being a material that can last for thousands of years and is historically associated with high status and value.”